About Us

Yoga with Chaim is a not-for profit organization committed to spread the wellness to the community.

We offer traditional and universal yogic teachings originated from adi-yogi Shiva which imparts adwaita philosophy (universal oneness). We believe in inculcating simple yogic practices on or off mat in daily lives to make our lives impactful and purposeful

We offer for free or by donation online and in person practice sessions making yoga accessible to the community.  Be privileged to be part of this wellness movement that is dedicated to spread the vibes of wellness

About Chaim

Chaim is a wholehearted yoga evangelist from southern India. She started her yoga journey since her childhood. She has been practicing Ashtanga yoga and Tantras of Shaivism from Siddha lineage (Tantric breathing techniques). 

She has completed her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training and Rainbow kids Teacher’s Training. 

Her sessions are a balance of physical movements (vinyasa flow) in alignment with powerful breathing techniques, mudras and visualization

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