Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodaha

Yoga is an art and science of being in an equanimous state of mind – Patanjali Sutra

Join the practice; spread the wellness.

Abundant Yoga @ $40/Month

Yoga With Chaim is a non-profit organization that offers immersive yogic experiences. Chaim started this yoga movement with the intention to spread wellness to the community. We seek balance in our lives constantly; balance in diet, physical & mental wellness, and maintaining meaningful relationships. Yoga is a powerful tool that will help us learn the art and science of creating balance in our lifestyle. It is not solely an Indian tradition but also universal, scientific, joyful, creative, and supportive of your endeavor to create balance in our lives.

Your Practice Take Away!

– Kayashiddhi (Gentle flow for body Flexibility, Strengthening and Toning)

– Pranayama (Tantric breathing techniques to strengthen your core, increase lung capacity, uplift consciousness)

– Dhyana and Yoga Nidra (Simple and powerful meditation techniques for relaxation and mindfulness)

– Activate Chakras (Balance and enhance your Adharas/Glands)

– Mudras (Healing gestures through energy centers at your finger tips)

– Mantras (Sacred utterances of high frequency syllables from Sanskrit)

Chaim offers online Community (adults), Chair (seniors), and Kids yoga practice sessions. Show up and dive in!

                                                                              Join The Practice; Spread The Wellness.

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Join our online community practice by donation! Chaim offers a supportive environment to start your yoga journey with a commitment to creating a mindful and balanced practice session. These are designed for all levels to help you strengthen, balance, integrate.

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Kids Yoga

Starting yoga from childhood can help children develop psychological,  physical, and co-operative skills. Our objective is to teach traditional yoga in a creative, dynamic, and fun-filled environment. Chaim offer after school practice sessions in-person and online. 

Yogi Balance

100% Organic skin and hair care products rooted in ancient healing techniques of Ayurveda for long-lasting wellness of the mind, body, and soul. 

Yogi Shares!

  • I have started noticing a lot of improvements in my body after joining yoga classes with Chaim. I always had a fear that I cannot do yoga and after joining her, omg I could do yoga so well and easy too. she is an amazing yoga teacher. Thanks for sharing your yoga practice and making my life healthier…


    Home Maker, India
  • Chaim is a fantastic yoga instructor. I thoroughly enjoy her classes. At the end of her class, I always feel invigorated with more energy and relaxed at the same time​

    Walter Trentin

    Yogi - Victoria
  • Chaim volunteers at 2 homes for elderly living with Dementia several times a month. The residents always look forward to her arrival and enjoy her kind nature and the yoga stretches they can perform on their chairs. Some of the feedback from residents is – they always feel good after a yoga session with Chaim, she is so sweet and nice, they enjoy the deep breathing and some have said they feel yoga has helped them with their mobility and keeping their minds calm and clear. Thank you Chaim for your service to the houses. You are making a great impact on the lives of people who may not have the ability to access yoga otherwise. We appreciate you so much !

    Karie Klegg

    Beacon Community Services
  • Our family has been practising yoga with Chaim for last 3 months, 2 adults and 4 children (ages 7-13). Chaim is a very knowledgeable and skilful yoga instructor. But beyond that she is very flexible and adaptable. Also we appreciate the way she holds her session indoor and outdoor is something we enjoy the most at her home studio​


    Yogi - Victoria
  • Chaim is a great teacher, she brings this spark of joy from India and make you listen to your body and reconnect. Don’t look for an Instagram yoga here, simply put things on hold and follow her. Can’t wait for the next practice!​

    Len guen emeline

    The DOCK - Center For Social Impact

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Practice with me at community spaces, senior homes, your home, or online. Check out the calendar for schedule

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